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bootcamp is working PPC?

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bootcamp can working for ppc how powerbook g4.

see site: http://www.macuser.com/geekery/stupid_comp...cks_install.php


is working???


please help!!!

thank you

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NO IT DOES NOT... and it's never going to as the PPC architecture does not use EFI, it uses FCODE in a boot rom instead. All that the link does is show you how to install the utility - but just because it's installed does not mean it's usable.


If you want to use windows apps on a PPC mac you can: a) use it via VirtualPC, slowly and horribly or, B) install linux for PPC (eg yellow dog -you can use its boot loader to dual boot) then install wine/cedega et al. -better but more complicated.

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except wine needs an intel processor afaik... (unless someone has bastardised in cpu emulation somehow...?)

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No, it even says so in the article that its pointless, the only option you really have is Virtual PC which is cripplingly slow.

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You Could Get Windows NT It Has Inbuilt Support For PPC (PowerPC)


Search The Web For Nt PPC or even on torrent sites im not sure if there is a specific version for ppc or not i reckon the normal version would have ppc support


see if this works http://vetusware.com/download/Windows%20NT...on%204/?id=3437


extract rar with macrar burn iso to cd and install on mac


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sorry About Me Talking About ISO's I Forgot You Need To Instead Copy The i386 folder and download the files in the attachments and copy them to a disk instead of using an iso


click here to get macrar


Oh And You Will Need To Make Seprate Partition try Ipartition If It Works On your Mac Otherwise Use The Old Disk utility And partition Free Space Not anything Else


How To: 1.Start Mac Up Fully 2.Insert Disk 3.Restart Pc 4.when Mac Sound Heard on startup hold down c 5.if screen says something like Inspecting Your Pcs Hardware Configuration Let go of c otherwise keep holding

Install to Unpartitioned Space Not Any Other Drive


If It Doesnt Work Notify Me On


miniman3214@live.com.au Or PM me :sadmac:


If This Does Work Notify Me With A Picture With Device Manager Open On Windows Nt With The Prosecor Category Expanded :blink:


Press print Screen To Take Screenshot Of Screen then Start>Run>mspaint>Right Click>Paste Then Save That


Im Only Rookie I would Be So Happy If This Works :P


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Folks, bootcamp can not and does not work on PPC Macs... time for you to upgrade to an Intel Mac or build a Hackintosh...

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