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Sitting on a $1000+ AMD hardware with a half OSX86. Some help please

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Ok so I already own a Powerbook and was totally amazed with the speed of one of the Opteron's we have here, so I got really exited about OSX86.


I now have a 2.4Ghz Opteron 1216 sitting here with an M2N-MX AM2 Socket Motherboard (Links below) with 4GB RAM and a 250GB HD and I really want to get OSX up and running in full capacity. I downloaded tubgirls 10.4.10 for SSE3 (and uphucks 1.4 DVD). Tubgirl installed fine. But no display acceleration, full resolution support, frequent crashes, no sounds or ethernet - which are probably the most important things I need apart from being able to install the regular design apps.


We can get the hardware changed a bit if needed. I searched quite a lot and looks like only the Intel 900/915/945 seem to give full support and they dont support Core Duo's... Can you guys suggest kind of hardware optimized for the AMD Opterons. We want to stick to AMD as our hardware vendor is great at hooking up these things in no time.


Appreciate any help :idea:


Link for the Opteron 2.4 1216 Processor


..and the motherboard

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Display accelleration and res support are video-card base,d and you didn't mention what kind of video card you have. There's a lot to choose from. Personally I like the 256MB 7300/7600 GT models.


Ethernet? I'm not sure what your onboard NIC is, but if it gives you too much grief just buy a PCI gig nic from the supported list. I would recommend an Intel Pro1000 (from ebay) but I had to do a bit of stuffing around to get mine to work.


Sound? Ditto. There's some cheap boards that 'just work'.


What kind of stability problems are you getting? Are you overclocking at all? Is the system fully stable in Windows?

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Thanks for the tip omfg. Im using an onboard Nvidia GeForce 6100 chipset for graphics which apparently isn't compatible (Can I still install something like a 7300 on that motherboard and be able to get Qaurtz & native resolution support?)


As for Ethernet and sound - both are onboard. Cant find more info on that on the specs page. If I have onboard ethernet/sound, Can I still install PCI ones? How does OSX know which one to pick?


I have no problems with stability on Windows. Only the OSX seems to crash every minute or 2 - sometimes at the Finder or when Im looking through the hardware profiles.


Also, I installed OSX86 on a clean drive (made a separate DOS partition for Windows just incase) and then when OSX starting crashing, I installed windows on that 20GB partition. How do I switch back to OSX now? I get no boot option. It boots directly into Windows now..

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Just a couple of quick suggestions..


as said above get a supported gfx card & install natit, titan or nvidiaEFI


your sound chip is a ADI AD1986A High Difinition Audio 5.1channel CODEC check the forum/wiki for solutions. if there are none, or you can't make it work get a supported USB sound device, as 99% of pci ones don't work.


there is a forcedeth driver for nforce4 networking, try that & if it doesn't work get a cheap nic, as mentioned above.


For stability problems, try an earlier version, 10.4.9 or even 10.4.8 they seem more stable on amd in some cases.


I'd provide links to all the solutions, but they're all findable by searching here, the wiki & google, and I'm lazy ;)


Good Luck.

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Id like to add that (at least tubgirl's 10.4.10 AMD one) contains a forcedeth driver, so you shouldn't have to go and look for it any further.


But keep in mind, although Apple's hardware might be expensive, buying expensive PC hardware is no guarantee for success :censored2:

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