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Balck screen then resume and black again


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Screen turns to black , and resumes after a while, and black again, and again.


I installed uphuck1.3 version of the 10 .4.9, my selection isthat intel SSE3-2 + titan, no patch selected. When the installation iscomplete, I can enter the system smoothly, CI / QE are enabled by default . The only problem is that every a seconds , screen turns to black then resume ,and again. This few days ,I did a lot of tests , as a resule ,I find that restart as many as a hundred, only two times the screen is completely normal.


I have record this using my dc, here is the video: video


I also try several another selectons, but neither helps.


I have tried:

Kernel :

intel sse3-1

intel sse3-2

u 1

u 2

u 3


IOATAFamily install/skip neither helps

loginwindow install/skip neither helps

Remove CPUPowermanagement install/skip neither helps

Remove Thermal install/skip neither helps

Driver VGA:

Natit 0.1

Natit 0.2



I also tried install without vga drivers, however, when I installed the vga drivers(natit 0.1/0.2/kext/edited/1049.diabloik.installer, as well as manually install, edit Info.plist), the "frequently black screen" comes back again. Natit_uni1.0 doesn't work, after reboot, hanged at "Starting MacOSX" splash screen with progressbar rolling. With a long time of waiting, it still couldn't get pass.


My hardware:

CPU: E6320

MB: GIGA 965P DS3 rev3.3

VIDEO: galaxy 7600GS 256M (I have tried to write XFX/ASUS 7600GS's bios to this card, no helps)

MM: 1G ddr2 667

HD: seagate sata harddrive *2 in yellow port(no problems in installaton and booting)

and A LCD only have 15-sub port.


I'm going to crazy...Help me!

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