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[BUY] Mac Mini or something cheap


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I am buying a Mac Mini or some kind of cheap mac computer. I'm selling my computer on eBay via a company, so however much money it sells for (will know in 7 days) is how much I can spend. In the meantime, please present me offers.


I am expecting it to sell for around 200-400 dollars. Which should be plenty enough for some cheap mac mini, considering on eBay they sell for cheap (if you know where to look).


Please don't flame if this sounds like a bad offer, I'm new at this, hence why I'm using an eBay company to sell my computer. >.>


Contact me via email (preferred) or MSN/AIM and hope I'm on. I don't have a computer atm, but I'm using my dads until I do.


Email: sunnyskies21@hotmail.com

MSN: iulteo@hotmail.com

AIM: ulteo


If I'm on, it's usually around 8AM-5PM EST. (Until my dad goes to work, until he gets home.)


Once again, please DO NOT flame. I'm new, if you also wish to sell you must help me in getting this all set up, as in figuring out how to pay, etc.. I'm not totally retarded, so you don't have to explain yourself twice. =)


If I forgot anything, I'll edit here. Once again, contact me for more info! Thanks!


OH, wait, before I forget, I have a Dell 1704FPV analog monitor, will that work with a mac or do I need a whole new monitor? I know I need a monitor, mouse, etc..



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