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Help with L2 cache decision


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Hello everyone, I have an AMD (Gericom, Phantom 3080) laptop with an AMD Mobility 3000+ cpu which has a 512k L2 Cache, as I got sick of the laptops trouble I have now placed my order for a fully pumped up Dell Inspiron 6400 with the following specs:


Intel Core 2 Duo T7400-processor (2,16 GHz, 667 MHz, 4 MB L2-cache)

Windows Vista Home Premium Swedish (Yes I know.. Will kill that later.. >_<)

2048 MB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Dual Channel [2x1024]

160 GB (5 400 v/min) SATA-harddisk

Intel Media Accelerator 950-graphic with up till 256 MB shared graphicalmemory

Intel next generations Wireless-N Mini-card (for Core 2 Duo Processors)

Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth + Dell Bluetooth 2.0 Steroheadset


Now.... I have picked the best Core2Duo processor from the list guessing it would be the best. But what I do not fully understand is what is the 667Mhz part, and what is the L2-cache for? Is 4MB a lot compared to my AMD laptop's 512k L2-cache?


Also will I be able to get the Wireless-N card from dell to work with OSX?


I have been a proud user of OSX on my AMD laptop but the poor thing doesn't sound very healthy anymore so I stepped back to Windows XP, and since I will start my GameDesign education in about 2 months I had to get a new laptop since this one is slowly dying of over-usage. Since Inspiron is a hot object to install OSX on at the moment I thought I'd get one since it will be handy for my education as well.


(Sorry if some hardware specs above are typed wrong, did a quick rough translation from Swedish to English.. @_@)

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You shouldn't buy the fastest C2D, my opinion is that it is a waste of money.

The 667Mhz part must be about DDR2. Doesn't improve performances a lot: fast DDR2 is almost only usefull in case of overclocking. But 667Mhz for a laptop is common, so no problem.

About the Level2 cache, the 4Mb of the C2D can't be compared to the 512K of your AMD because it is a differrent architecture.

But keep in mind that a 4mb C2D will be about 10% faster than a 2Mb C2D, depending on what application you are running.

You should check on this on hardware website.

About your wifi card, I have absolutely no idea if it will work...

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Nope the wireless card will probably not work. It could work with the later Intel drivers which have till now partially support the 3945.

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I should definately learn more about hardware.. >_<!

I was hoping the wireless would have some kexts for it, but I guess I will have to wait for someone to find a way to get it to work.. And the bluetooth is not a big problem as I could also plug the headphones in the audio-port and use those. I know most of the hardware is working thanks to a inspiron tutorial in the Genius Bar, but without the wifi card it won't be that useful in my opinion since I hate wires.. ;p


Well, I'll stick to XP for a while then or try some different ways to perhaps get it to work, I did get my WUSB54G completely to work on my own but that was kind of easy.. Wouldn't know where to start for this wireless card.


Anyways, thanks again for the replies!

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