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iBook complete transformation


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Hey there,


I own a white 12" iBook G3 but i don't use it anymore cause i can't do much .... however i really like the design and size... so my plan is to change pretty much everything inside it (try to use same HD, DVD, keyboard, trackpad, speakers, screen of couse, and what ever i can save) specially the logic board (since ir can't be upgraded) to get a new high performance iBook. I'm thinking maybe a PowerBook g4 12" logic board since a was told is pretty much the same distribution and it can fit.... but the ultimate transformation would be to use a "pc" notebook logic board (maybe a 12" vaio or something) and get it working one way or another like a hackintosh.


Does anyone have any idea?? I thing it is a interesting project.


:P Thanx anyone who can help me.... sorry about my english.

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