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Gigabyte P35 DS3P Working

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Just gotta get the Ethernet working. Aqua-Mac has directed me toward the files but I dunno how to install.


And I think I know how to get the Audio working, as well. Gonna try it after late work night tonight.


Also, got my X1950XT and 7900GS card still so I may try doing a Quad monitor setup tonight to see if it works? But I think you need two of the exact same cards for it to work. I'll try it before I RMA the X1950XT 512mb tomorrow.


Here's to hoping it's just that easy with the X38 boards! Gonna upgrade to that this July with QX6850 G0 Stepping as well.


I am having an issue getting Quad Core stable at 3.6Ghz w/4 Gigs of ram. I can get the system to boot up but as soon as I try to Geekbench it throws a Kernel Panic and forces to reset.


Gonna forge on late tonight!

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Man, that's some crazy setup you've got there...

how's networking ?


btw, what do you mean : "no need to reinstall" ? what MB did you have b4 ?


I'm about to upgrade to E6700 and one of those Gigabyte boards (Having trouble deciding between P35-DS4/DQ6 or 965p-DS4/DQ6)

Any advice?

I'm gonna start a thread over this...I think it's important.

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I had a DS3 before this. So it was just a matter of switching the board out. Although I haven't had a chance to get sound and internet working, just rebuilt the entire system with new ram and stuffs.

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