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Strange freeze...

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I meet some problems after ACPICPUthrottler on a 10.4.9 Jas release. I wanted to go out of the sleep mode, but my pc didn't wanted. So i restart my computer and now, all the system is (hard drive, sound, video, cpu) fastly shuttering each second (almost), as a clock (but don't crash). I reinstall osx and try again sleep mode but nothing change, and computer do the same thing with vista! and Bios!! (osx86 is on a external usb HDD). That's why i suppose it's a hardware problem. Don't now what to do, i disable some propreties in bios, reflash it, check and test hard drive, virtual memory, cpu, but nothing change.

Anyone have some idea about this problem? it seems seriously damaged...



laptop dell inspiron 9400

C2D T7200

Intel 945

Nvidia Go 7900 gs

2gb DDR 2 (667)


EDIT: some news. In diagnostic tools of dell bios, when i launch an extented test of the system, i have this message:

"The "second" register is not updating. The register is not updating or is updating to slowly. The part may be bad or the 32-khz crystal might not be funtioning."

What does it mean?

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