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EP-4GEA+(i845GE) AGP solution?

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Hi All


I have successfully installed osx 10.4.9 (ugraded 10.4.8) og a Pentium 4 2.66@3.00 i845GE machine. Everything works including my Radeon9800pro (OpenGL, CI, QE,Q2D). The only problem is the hardware accelleration. I cant get AGP up and running without loosing OpenGL, CI, and QE. This keeps me from using this machine full time, as I otherwise wold have done.


Does anyone know a solution to this.


Tried to search this forum and www.x86dev.org but there is so much info and so little to find specific to this chipset.


BTW If someone know how to improve sound quality on a ALC650 AC97 soundcard (onboard) I would love to hear about that too (almost no bass, low quality)



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