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I'm getting a Mac Pro

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Hey guys, I'm gettinga mac pro (Good grades) but I have a question.


Im going to have 4 HDD put in, this computer will be just for movie editing, rendering, and etc.


Now I KNOW I need windows on one of the HDD, but which version.


XP or Vista


I need to know which OS to put on.


Which will be more compatible with the big windows edditing apps?


-Thanks is advance




-Opinions are OK too

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I have a Quad Core - and it is by far the finest computer I've ever owned...


Here's what I did -


I got my Mac Pro with one 500Gb drive, then got the rest from NewEgg - same drive - excellent prices on Newegg - I paid close to $200 LESS per drive than Apple charges. Installing them was a piece of cake - open up the case - slide out the drive carriers, undo 4 screws, put in the drive, re-do the 4 screws and slide the drive back in.


I did quite a bit of research on this next bit, but I'll warn you that it tends to turn into a religious debate - RAID...


SO, what I ended up doing was this:


1) 1st 500gb - 2 partitions (one for Tiger, One for Leopard ;-) )

2) Drives 2,3,4, into a striped RADI (RAID 1)


Now where this gets religious is that RAID 1does not give you ANY data protection, spo if you lose something, it's gone. I feel safer as I have a couple -f external firewire drives that I back up to regularly (and with Time Machine, it will be even easier). The advantage to RAID 1 - you get 3x SATA performanve - e.g. with 3gb drives you can get nearly 9gb per sec across the buss, which is great for DV editing..


Oh - I almost forgot - get Parallels and run yourt tools under XP - it runs faster than native. However, if you want full driver compatibility, get the BootCamp Beta that Apple has on it's site. You don't need to designate a specific drive for it - it will carve out a partition of it's own from an existing drive.


BTW - you WILL love this machine!

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Wow guys thats for all your comments, Hey soundless A average baby!


I like newegg, Cheaper stuff and I got a couple of HDD sitten at me desk so Might put those is if too many HDD becomes a money issue





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