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Dual Boot Possible?

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:) Hi i need some help with dual booting! i installed osx86 on an 80gb hard drive and it works great audio worked out of the box and so did networking and internet! On a 60gb hard drive i have windows installed.


:star_smile::star_smile: Here is my problem my problem is that i have to physically unplug the drives in my computer to be able to boot one or the other operating system. i want to know how i can dual boot using two hard drives. part of the reason being i really need the space. i mean the documents folders are automatically saved in the same area as the system folders so i don't want to fiddle with things.


:star_smile::star_smile::star_smile: I have Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 and i tried it but with no avail. please help?

Aditionally i am willing to buy whatever software i might need to be able to do this.

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I simply use the motherboard's built-in disk boot selector if I want to boot to a different OS. On mine it's F11, but yours could be something else. It should say when it first turns on something like:


"Press DEL to enter setup

Press F11 to select boot device"


Then you should be able to just select which drive to boot from.

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