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[How to] Clean your High Weighed Universal Apps.

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Hi Friends!


Navigatin' on web I discovered XSlimmer, an cheap app. that clean the biggest Universal Applications, transforming it on Intel-Only apps.


XSlimmer are available on [http://www.xslimmer.com/]


After download the free version, doesn't move it to Applications folder. Start it from the disk image mounted.


Drag an App. to the main interface of XSlimmer and click "Slim" button.

I doesn't made any backup - Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, Adium, Transmission and some App. Worked good, but when I tryed Dreamweaver... It doesn

 converted, and I've lost the application.


Now you have asked you - How Derek Stavis have used the trial a lot times...


Remember above "Start it from the disk image mounted."

After demo expired go to spotlight and search for "XSlimmer" (without quotes).

Delete the files selected on screenshot below. It will continue on spotlight res

lts. Empty recycle. The files vanished.




Repeat the Slim! proccess.


Now you are happy to know that your biggest total size of apps. are about half of before was.

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