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.rar what to do

french squared

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I know how bad these questions seem.

Im good with computers, just not downloaded programs

I normal have cd/dvd. This time my OSX 10.3 original CD's wont work


I have deadmoo downloaded, but I have never had any luck with . rar files.

what is the best(easy), free, way to extract them?


once extracted do I have to burn to a dvd?

some tutorials said i could just copy to new partition,

other said to find and burn the iso file?


Yes I read the stickys been reading for 30+ hours.

im just getting conflicting info.


p4 945 OC to 3.9

4 gb ram pc5300

asus p5nd2-sli

46x dual layer burner

3 stata HD

vista/xp dual soon mac I hope

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