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Installation Woes


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Ok, im a bit new to this, and the isntallation seemed simple. Im almost there, but need a little boost as to where to go from here. Ive done some searching and tons of reading and have not found a definative answer to my exact issue. Please chime in if you can.

Here are my specs


AMD 64 3800x2 (socket 939)

Asus Mobo A8 something or another

Nvidia Nforce Chipset

1.5GB of Ram

40gig PATA HDD


ATI x1650 on PCIe


From what ive gathered, this system setup should do well with a native OSX86 install.

So far Ive have done the installation, checked the DVD and set everything up correctly(formatted the disk, used the AMD option, and so on)

My prelimanary install finishes without a hitch. Howerever upon reboot. the system hangs with this message "mach"

Not know what that meant, I assumed it needed to reboot, I left it on all night hoping it would complete, and to no avail. So I soft rebooted the machine with the DVD disk out and only got a blinking cursor after the system posted. Did the good ol Control+Alt+Delete and shoved the disk back in. The DVD boot options came up , and it went back into the mac installer. I seem to be missing something here. Can anyone chime in as to what I am to do.


Also, after some extensive reading I found this(or similar issues) are happeneing with AMD users. Please help out.

Thanks in advance.


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