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Integrated 10/100 Ethernet not working


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A few months ago I had downloaded a JaS 10.4.6 SSE2/SSE3 Intel/AMD build and networking worked fine. After I installed this one, I couldn't get Ethernet to work. In System Preferences Network settings, Network Port Configurations lists Ethernet but unfortunately it is grayed-out and I cannot select it.


Any ideas on how to get this working? All wires are plugged in correctly, Windows XP ethernet worked fine.


Here's my computer info:


Computer brand & model: Dell Dimension 2400


Processor: 2.53GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor w/SSE2


Random Access Memory: 1GB (2 X 512MB) PC2700


Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 128MB (Quartz Extreme, OpenGL, and Core Image are supported)


Motherboard: Intel i845G Chipset


Network: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet


Audio: Realtek AC-'97 Codec (input/output works fine, fully supported)


Hard drive: 74GB 7200RPM Internal HD (full install of Mac OS X on, not a dual boot)


Mac OS x86 Build:


Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso


Options installed from the DVD setup:









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I've said it a thousand times before. For older systems (and even many new ones too) the 10.4.5 is the best OSX86 version. It supports the most hardware. You can update from a base 10.4.5 install to 10.4.7 (if you go that route only iSync wont work so you'd have to copy iSync from your 10.4.5). But at least your USB-devices gets recognised etc.


Avoid the 10.4.8 because they only work well with newer type of systems (i945/965 chipsets, Core 2 duo cpus etc...). In fact I strongly doubt that the new kernels are of benefit for a P4 cpu.


It only means you'll loose Safari3 which wont install on anything less 10.4.9 (the stupid {censored}s at Apple do they really think that we have nothing else to do than upgrade our system every month). But Photoshop can be made to work (appart from Bridge)





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Well I just got a different IONetworkFamily kext, I installed it and it works.


I also updated my machine to 10.4.9, works fine.


I would go w/10.4.5 but it lacks support for my video card - 10.4.9 has support.


Thanks :(

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Well I just got a different IONetworkFamily kext, I installed it and it works.


same problem here, built-in network grayed-out, sorry im really newbie on kext stuff.... so can u explain which IOnetworkFamily kext have u got? :P


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