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Won't boot without DVD


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So I've finally gotten Jas 10.4.8-AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 installed, and it works fine on my Thinkpad T43 except for one thing (well, a couple of things, but this is the biggest problem)... it won't boot to OSX without the DVD in the drive (goes to the pale bluie screen).


Everytime, I have to press F8 after it tries to boot from the DVD, and then enter rd=Disk0S1 to get it to boot into OSX. I've tried -v at boot, but it just goes straight to the pale blue screen (no cursor, no activity).


I've got a single partition on a Thinkpad T43 (1871-4AU), GMA900, 1.5GB RAM, 60GB HDD, Intel 2200BG Wireless.


Any ideas/help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I should note that I've already made sure the partition is set to active...

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