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Solution for Conexant

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this is for the person who gets an error msg in startup


I also got the same msg while i did all the stuff you did


but then i gotta idea to work it out


i entered into system/library/extension/


then i deleted AppleAzaliaAudio.kext


then i gone to root path and then i gone to Library/reciept (remember the path and dont confuse with system/library its not the path i told)

then i erased pkg file for all the audio config i tried example sigmatel.pkg, AppleHDinput.pkg, etc (remember only audio config pkg file ok)

i also erased the Conexant.pkg file which they gave and i gone to utilty and had a repair permission and then i verified it.


Now i intalled the Conexant.pkg file which you guys gave and then restarted, now i didnt get the error file but i got worked only in speaker and not it headphone jack or SPDIF and mic too.


Iam happy with what you gave guys thank you thanks a lot after a day hard work i found the solution because of you guys and the forum


and iam waiting for a help to utilize my headphone jack and mic and spdif jack if i got it ill be very happy


Bye :whistle:

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