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SATA Help.. please


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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to install Mac OS X on my home PC, and i need some serious help! My friend burnt me a copy of the tiger-x86.tar.bz2 install file, and i don't want to download another one since my bandwidth is near the limit for the month. I blame my ISP. :D


My "rig":


Motherboard: Gigabyte 945PL-S3

Core 2 Duo e6300

160gb HDD Sata (7gb for mac)

Geforce 7100GS (i hate it!)

1gb DDR2 RAM


That's all the important stuff..


The story goes like this: I followed the install guide for the certain files provided and i got it all installed nice and sweet since i see the good Apple logo. :-) I've used all the help i can get from the Wiki such as:


Do the -x -v thing, do the -v and see where it stops etc. It stops at the dreaded: Waiting for root device


I really need some help! Can i patch the install or something easy like that to get it to work, or edit some code? I have an Ubuntu live cd here just in case i need to copy files etc.




EDIT: Apparently, looking at the device manager in Windows XP i am using a Intel 82801 GB/GR/GH (ICH7 Family) Serial SATA Storage Controller - 27C0

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What kind of disk drive do you have? You were saying SATA help, so if your disk drive is SATA, you might have problems. I would recommend trying VMware. That program saved my life in the Mac world. You can still install the OS on a separate partition. If you have another hard drive, that works a lot better.


OK, so what I would recommend doing, is mount the image with either alcahol 120% or Daemon tools NOT VMware! Try to find a good install ISO, I like the Jas 10.4.8 install (not beta!) and make sure you have PPF1, and PPF2 on the ISO. Once installed in VMware, install your SATA drivers. Reboot native, and you should have some of your problems fixed.


You will probably have further questions, so feel free to post more. I, and probably other members will be glad to help :D

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Thanks for the reply BlueFalcon7, i really appreciate it!


I only have a copy of tiger-x86.tar.bz2 at the moment, and i am running close to my limit as i said before. I have another hard drive laying around the house somewhere, but my motherboard doesn't have another IDE plug (it only came with one).


If i plug in my IDE drive, it will only be a slave master so its practically useless. I guess my computer isn't suited to be a x86 inside. :D


Is it possible to install SATA drivers through the actual tiger-x86.tar.bz2 installation on another partition that i have, if i can't, i am out of luck.. :(

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vmware will not install natively to sata drives, only IDE drives or supported scsi controllers.


the only way vmware is gonna do you any good is if you set your bios to emulate IDE with sata drives (PATA mode, IDE mode, or some such).

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Dude, you need to patch your dvd first so that your sata device can be recognized by the installer. Or you may try it installing in an ATA device.


These are the things you need:




-Convert your install dvd into iso


PPF Patcher


-Instructions included

-Will apply bikedude880's patch to you iso


bikedude880 ICH7R/ICH8R patch


- follow his instruction and download the mentioned additional files

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hey if u wanna use SATA, it's probably gonna take some serious work. OS X doesn't support most SATA controllers natively, so you'll have to patch a few kexts with you devID in order to use SATA. I would recommend installing to your ATA drive, patching the kexts for SATA, then copying and mounting a disk image onto your sata drive, then u can format ur ATA and ur good to go! PM me if u need help.

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bikedudes patch won't help i think because this board isn't Nforce4. Chipset: Intel 945PL Express / Intel ICH7

Maybe try to get another distribution, everything went well for me on 3 different computers with uphuck 10.4.9 v1.2 or v1.3 . They can be found on the green demon. Intel Chipsets are well supported normally.






EDIT: Sorry boinkytwo, didn't notice that you meant the bikedude880 ICH7R/ICH8R patch (but its included in uphuck 1.3, not sure if this works native but you could install via vmware first, with ICH7R option enabled and then try a native boot.)

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