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PCI woes

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On the wiki osX86 this got my attention:


Now, that is EXACTLY what I am trying to get workin. MOTU PCIx 424 with the 2408 mk II

Except that my card is nowhere to be found ! GRRRRRR ! :)

I have installed the driver before the card, but anyways this shouldn't matter much in the OSX world would it ? Even if my PCI card was not recognized (driver issues ) thus unusable, it should at least be seen, no ? Well, the system profiler just says: nope ! There is nothing is in the PCI slot, buddy!

Does anyone have suggestions ?



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well, I guess I'll bump up this one....

But it kind of looks like there isn't much hope, huh ?

I am trying to install uphuck 10.4.9 v 1.2 on a different partition just to see if that makes any difference.

I haven't been able to get as far as seeing a desktop so far....


Still. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears :)

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Could be card-only, Could be the same thing I'm facing.


Can you post the read out of "ioreg -lx". Please?


Hi Ferret-Simpson !


Thanks for the reply.

I'd love to post what you asked me... but ... I have no idea how to go about that, nor what you are talking about even. Could you enlight me please ? Did a spotlight search and I just got a text file titled 'CP949.txt' Is there any info in this doc ?


Pardon my ignorance. :hysterical:

Thanks again.

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so here we go:




(attached file because I couldn't get the server to accept such a long post I guess)

Any hope doc ? :(


Would be nice if someone else had the same motherboard so I could see if their board did the same thing.


I can only find a PCI bus 0,1. 1D, 1F, etc.


The kernel is certainly not recognising a card their. Is it in the northernmost PCI slot? I think there's a bug with apple's PCI that it doesn't like gaps in the bus. Also, are you sure the card works? Can you access it in another partition running Linux or Windows? If you have none, try a linux liveCD.

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Thanks for looking into this, I very much appreciate your effort :(

I do know that the card is working since it has been working flawlessly on my old G4. I moved it back there and still works fine.

My PCI config looks like this, from north down:


open PCIEX1 1

Graphic card 7600GS in slot PCIEX16 1

open PCIEX1 2


open PCIEX16 2




I have tried the 3 PCI slots, along with or without a Adaptec Firewire card on another slot.

I was able to get the Firewire card to work but not the MOTU 424.


I guess I still have a few combinations to try...

I see in your sig that you are developing a PCI Fix driver.....any word on this ?



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Yeah, I also originally thought that the card itself was at fault, but doesn't the fact that it works on a legit Mac suggest otherwise ?

I guess I can try to install XP on my hackintosh (via Bootcamp, I suppose ?) just to see if my sound card will show.

Also, could the fact that there are empty slots before the sound card and/or the fact that the Asus Mobo has 3 different PCI format causing the trouble ?

It is my understanding that a legit Mac whether G4/G5 or Intel has only one type of PCI and thus OSX might have some shortcomings when it comes to handling several PCI formats together ?

I dunno, just a wild guess.

Maybe one of you Mac gurus could shed a bit of light here.


BTW, come to think of it, I might have done the IOreg -lx thing when I had the card on the G4 (I am not sure now since I did switch the darn thing quite a number of times between the 2 machines)

That would defeat the purpose of the procedure wouldn't it ? :thumbsup_anim:


I wil try again tomorrow... Could you tell me what I am supposed to look for in the read out ?


Best, always

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Hey buddy. Good luck on getting that to work period.


MOTU's PCI cards have PPC only drivers, as no commercially available intel macs have PCI slots. I feel your pain as I have a 424 and a 324 in my g4. I would love to put them in a beefier system.

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MOTU released a new driver for the 424 cards (sept 4, 2007). I haven't even started building my iHack yet, so i don't know if this will work, but it is at least worth a try.

well, I installed new driver on my asus p5ke wifi/ap with XxX 10.4.10 and motu pci424 didnt work. But I saw in the forum motu pci-e 424 is working well on the same mainboard and same vesion of hachintosh.

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I have had trouble with my PCI slots as well. OSX just denies that anything is there even when i install official mac osx drivers from the relevent websites.

If any1 can solve this it would be great.




- Jas Mac OSX 10.4.8 install DVD, Jas 10.4.9 combo update, 10.4.10 Mac OS X delta update



- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - Working perfectly with all cores



- Gigabyte GA-P35-S3 - Seems that anything in the PCI slots are not working


Disk Controllers

- Intel ICH 9 - 2 of 4 SATA connectors work

- Gigabyte GBB36X - IDE port works fine as does Raid 1 on the SATA ports


Floppy Controller

- Standard - Not tested (I hate floppy disks)


Hard Drives

- Seagate 320GB ST3320620AS (I have two of these in removable caddies, one with my main XP installation and one with MAC OS X which i swap out depending on what os i want to use) - Fully working


- Western Digital 75GB Raptor (This is my second XP installation that I use purely for audio software) - Shows up on MAC OSX and can be read but not written to as it is NTFS


- Western Digital 75GB Raptor (This is my third installation of XP which i use for the internet, it is isolated from the other installations to reduce the risk of virus spread) - Doesnt Show in OSX as it is on one of the SATA ports that doesnt work with OSX


- 2X Seagate 320GB ST3320620AS (these are on the GBB36X controller in RAID 1 mode) - Shows up in OSX and can be read but cannot be written to as they are NTFS


Optical Drives

- ASUS DRW-1608P3S DVD reader (IDE) - Fully working

- ASUS DVD-E616A2 DVD Writer (IDE) - Fully working and Burning at full speed


Video Card

- Winfast 256MB GeForce 7800GT - Fully working at all resolutions on both screens using Natit Dual V02 Kext


Sound Cards

- Realtek ALC889A (onboard) - Not working

- ESI Juli@ (PCI) - Not working even with the latest MAC OSX drivers from ESI website

- 2X MOTU 828MKII (Firewire) - Both working perfectly



- All onboard (on the PCI-E bus) - All fully working


Firewire Card

- Belkin 3-Port F5U504EA (PCI-E) - Fully working


Network Cards

- Realtek RTL8168/8111 onboard (on PCI-E Bus) - Not working

- Netgear GA311 (PCI Card) - Not working even with the latest MAC OSX drivers from Netgear website



- 3GB (2X512MB 2X1GB) OCZ DDR2 Platinum 800MHZ - All 3GB recognised and fully working


MIDI Controller

- Novation X-Station 25 (USB) - Fully working even as a soundcard since it has one built in


Card Reader

- Akasa (USB) - Working with no problems


LCD Display

- Matrix Orbital (USB) - Does not work since there is no software or drivers for MAC OSX

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