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Asus eeePC

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By now I'm betting you've all seen the Asus eeePC sub-notebook. (For those of you who haven't,



http://www.dvhardware.net/article19520.html). Word on the street is a 600mhz Pentium M-esque CPU with Intel 945GU chipset and Intel integrated graphics. (Intel Ultra Mobile Platform A100/110 is the best guess at this point). Anyways, how long do you think it'll take to get OSX86 running on this thing?


Once one machine is working (which shouldn't be too bad since it's all Intel hardware that is similar or even identical to already working hardware) we should be able to just make a disc image since there is pretty much no variation in that hardware, right? Working with a 4gb drive would mean cutting out lots of the fat, and a 600mhz CPU and 512mb RAM might mean disabling stuff like the dashboard, but even so this would be the ultimate MacBook mini, imo.


Anywho, just figured I see if I can get some interest in OSX86 on this hardware, especially as we near what will be the final revision of 10.4 so we'd only have to get it working once and have a great little system...

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Specs look to me to be a 900 MHz Intel "Dothan" Processor, and an intel 910 chipset. I would say OS X wouldn't be such a strech, especially on the 8GB model. An Ultra-portable, Ultra-cheap OS X Laptop = <3

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If it is using a solid state hard drive, thhen there is technichally no reason why you could not

put a normal laptop hdd inthe beast.


It kinda defeats the purpose of having a low power long battery life laptop, since the batteries

were meant to power a solid state hard disc, they won't last long for a normal laptop hdd.


But saying that it is a damn cheap laptop so it would be nice to play around with.





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