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fun game

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Ok here's a fun game for you all to play


The last one to post wins



you can post as many times as you want, just don't post twice in a row


ok... now... GO!


I'm in the lead!

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I have an urge to post this and then close the topic...



that's no fun <_<




oh I'm in the lead now

yay :D

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Two things about this topic...


1. There can be no winner, ever. Unless Sabr goes through with his threat.


2. This seems very similar to the 9999 Posts topic... :)


(P.S. I have removed Tails from his lead position. :P)

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Ok, guys, really... this is just ridiculous. It's not a game. This is just a topic to increase your post count. In fact, that's all it does. There really isn't an objective - since you lose as soon as someone replies. Can't you just post in a proper thread? I hate to sound like the grumpy adult, but there are plenty of people in the OSx86 installation forum who need help - put your time on this forum to good use. Make a guide, contribute to X-Labs, create a blog, post some cool wallpapers you found, report some mac news, etc... There are much more fun things to do around here than post in this topic.


So if any of you have any sense, I won't need to close this topic since you will all want to go post elsewhere. :(


- Sabr.

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