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OSX Performance help


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Hello everyone and thanks for the previous help you all have provided me with!


I almost have OSX working the way I want on my laptop, aside from some minor things which I would like to ask here.


I use Tubgirls 10.4.8 DVD patched with the 10.4.9 update (fix?) and it installs just fine, then I install my WUSB54G adapter and get it fully working. Atfer that I cool my CPU down by using mac.nub's easy installer combined with the amd installer, then it works just fine (laggy of course, but thats ok!), but my biggest problem is my hard disk, xbench gave me a score lower than 2.00 (1.53 if I recall correctly) and I already noticed my hard-disk having problems as from the looks Photoshop CS3 would take over an hour to install. I have attached my system-profiler screenshots of areas where information was available.


Can anyone help me with the hard-disk issue?

And if I have to install something more to make OSX more compatible please do tell me! I like my OSX more with a quiet CPU and performance. (AMD processors don't really give me a safe-feeling when they get hot and their fan make too much sound.. Already had my motherboard burned once, got fixed for free though.)


So.. Do I need more patches, kexts, updates or something to get OSX working more compatible with my laptop?


[extra info]

Brand: Gericom (They create the best Craptops)

Mobile AMD Sempron 3000+


ATI Radeon Xpress 200 - 128MB


[/extra info]






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The graphic-card is an integrated one... I'm not sure if I can replace that.


Plus, I'm fine with the preformance OSX is already giving me, to me it seems that resizing windows and all works just fine.

Same preformance as a G3 with OSX on it (Yes, I compared).

My main problem is the hardrive, I don't know how to get it working properly.



Any other ideas or tips?

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