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Drivers for a Real Machine

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Hey I need to know if there is any support for the components of an Nforce 680i mobo, GeForce 8800gtx, and SB X-fi

I really need these more than anything

Mobo Drivers-


Onboard Audio

SATA Controllers


I am well aware about the compatibility issues with the 8800's I am just wondering if anyone has picked up a Kext from a friend or from the Apple store with a new Mac Book Pro. And if not anyword on 10.5 release?


Also any word on getting some drivers for the X-Fi, I am under the impression that there are none. This machine is built for PC operations, not for a primary Hackintosh. I just need the Hackintosh side of this PC for Apple Shake and Final Cut. ANy info on those drivers would be a real help.




WOOW... sorry for the mutliple posts... how the hell did that happen!!!!!


I found this thread on the forums and I think it will help me with my Ethernet and Onboard audio... for now that is a big Plus.. I have not tried it but for others with this setup here is something that may help.




It's on the second page towards the bottom.

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Support depends on the particular chipsets on your given motherboard, they do vary regardless of the main north/southbridge chipset, particulary with regards to onboard SATA/RAID (nForce/Silicon Image etc.), Ethernet (Intel/nForce) and audio (nForce/Realtek variants).


Support for the PCI version of the X-Fi isn't likely to appear anytime soon if ever due to creatives proprietry command interface (USB requires more "standards" than PCI). Most of the USB versions of the SB cards work with varying degrees of success.


8xxx series support is being worked on, hopefulness of a quick resolution is in the air at this stage, but you never know.


AFAIK nothing beyond nForce 65x series works all that well, but YMMV.

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Ok well scratch the above links... I have sound and video working... but still no ethernet. Does anyone out there know anything about getting the: Nvidia Nforce Ethernet Adapters working for an EVGA 680i mobo. PLEASE HELP!!

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