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Intel D945GTP Hackintosh.

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Hi Guys,


I'm building an OSX86 Hackintosh box based on an Intel D945GTP mobo.

I just wanted to ask a few questions about a couple different pieces of hardware before I get started.


Mobo: Intel D945GTP

CPU: What do you thing? Core 2 Duo E6600?

RAM: DDR2 2GB @ 667MHz

Graphics: On-board GMA950 (Upgrade when get some more dosh)

HDD: SATA (How big can you go?)

Optical: DVD-RW Dual-Layer Lightscribe

Apple Pro Keyboard & Mouse.


What do you think? All suggestions wanted!!!


I plan to buy a nice Vcard when I get dosh, but for now just on-board, and I am hoping that I will be able to run SPDIF sound on-board too.


Thanks Guys!

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I Just tried installing 10.5.6 and 10.5.2 on my Intel D945GTP mobo. 10.5.6 wouldn't go, it kept restarting before you could check anything but 10.5.2 goes on like butter. The only issue is if you have the intel high definition audio like I do. it's the only thing that doesn't work right off the disk.

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Hi Justy


I just found your post re: 10.5.6 not working on an Intel D945GTP board, whereas 10.5.2 works fine. I have 10.5.6 running on my PC (Intel 975BX2 motherboard) and would like to load it on my Son's Intel D945GTP board - with Intel D930 proc.


I have had no luck making it work, despite much trying. I have tried installing iAtkos 10.5.2, iAtkos 10.5.4, Leo4All 10.5.2 and now XXX 10.5.6 - none of them seem to work - although to varying degrees. The latest one I tried XXX 10.5.6 - starts to boot, shows three lines, then flashes the Grey Apple boot screen for a second or less, then reboots again. It never gets past this boot problem.


Which version of 10.5.2 OSX did you install? Could you give me some pointers to get it running on the D945GTP board?


Thanks a lot



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