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Problems with Nvidia 7300GS PCI E

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I need your help! i installed successfly os x86 10.4.8+10.4.9 update,all works perfekt,but Nvidia 7300GS doesn't!!

i tryed Titan und Natit but i got the black screen.please help!!

*Asrock 775-VSTA Dual

*Intel Pentium D 3.4 Ghz

*Nvidia Gforce 7300GS with 256MB PCi E (Dev ID:0x01df)

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i have a nvidia 7300gs pci it works wonderfull , i used the Diabolik 10.4.9 NvidiaInstaller and as for the10.4.9 update i dident use Jas i used "koolkal 10.4.9 combo update intel sse3 only.mpkg" useingjas i could neverget apps to run


btw i hope this helps if you have problems finding the update its on the greendemon and the nvidiainstaler is here http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/iNVidia.html


and if you look at mysig youll see my specs everything works

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