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Lingon and HellaNZB


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Maybe its a little problem but after 2 days of reading and trying i have to ask you


I used Lingon to add hellanzb.py as a startup application, see my screenshot for the details:




When i reboot the system i can find 2 errors in my logfiles:


Jun 4 16:08:34 maikels-computer launchd[372]: Hellanzb: exited with exit code: 1

Jun 4 16:08:34 maikels-computer launchd[372]: Hellanzb: 9 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal


Maybe its not possible to run a Python application like this, but there has to be a working 'trick'


Can someone point me the sollution?


Thanks in advance:


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How to autostart hellanzb.py -D via Lingon (LaunchD)


1. Hellanzb is configured and working

2. Create a simple hell script to launch hellanzb -D at startup

3. Configure Lingon

4. Reboot


Download Lingon from: http://lingon.sourceforge.net/




Create a shell script (you can use Pico in the terminal)


Open the terminal

type: cd /Applications/ [enter]

type: pico hellanzbd.sh


the hellanzbd.sh should contain:



cd /opt/local/bin/

./hellanzb.py -D

exit 0


Save in Pico with: ctrl+o

Exit Pico with: ctrl+x


You have to apply the root:wheel permissions to the file

In the terminal you type:


sudo -s

[enter password]

chmod -f 755 /Applications/hellanzbd.sh

chown root:wheel /Applications/hellanzbd.sh

diskutil repairPermissions /


Now its time to configure Lingon:


Open the application Lingon

Use the Assistent to add the startup shell:


Select: Run a job at startup


Type your label for this job

Deselect Launch only when i Login

Select Must run as root


The job command is: /Applications/hellanzbd.sh



Your done, check the Users Daemons tab for the job, if its correct it will turn Green



The Netherlands

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