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Dell Insipron 9300 geforce go 6800

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Has anyone been able to get the Geforce Go 6800 card to work?

What resolution?

What driver?


I read and followed the guides here but they dont work well.


After installing Jas 10.4.8 defiant patched iso

PC was stuck on Grey screen, reboot message.

Booted with -v, and found system hanging on login

I removed NVDResMan and NVDR files.

The ssystem then rebooted.

I installed the mobility pack from Diabolik

Still stuck at default Resolution.

In system profiler it shows up as right Card 6800 DeviceID x00c8

But No kext loaded.


Also Vista time is off by 6 hours.


Please offer some suggestions.


Thank You,



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About the vista tieme, i have the same problem


Remember to put the 6800go info on the kexts.

im dealing with a dell rep atm, when i finish ill give you the steps i did to get all properties working well.


i Hope you are good btw. laters... =P

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