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Guest Ramm
Something was invented some time ago, before someone was born, by a renowed linguist Some Dude, more commonly known as That Guy. If you don't believe me, then you need to do something or something else because your something is wrong. Hey, I know I have this written somewhere on a piece of something, lemme look this up!



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Apple may convert to Intel which will make their machines almost as bad as Wintel machines. With the new chips, Apple may face a civil war as IBM 'loyalists' face off against the 'Progressive' Intelites. Few can comprehend the social costs of such a war, as it would divide one of the few technological armies which stand against the dominant Microsoft Empire. Already weakened by its losses in the desktop wars, the stunning victories in the Battle of the i's may not be enough to offset this devastating split. To make matters worse, there are rumors of the new OS Roman Numeral 10 'Tabby' being run on standard PCs, creating fears of an army of mutant MacWindows with no loyalties to their mother Apple and being a brat to their abusive father Microsoft. Also, beware of the fabled Apple gamer. They may claim that Apple computers have superior games and technology to play those games, but do not believe them. Usually, if any games come out (which many believe never happens), then it is usually filled with subliminal messages that reshape the Mac owner's mind. Also, if such games do come out, they usually come out 10 or 12 years after they are made available to normal OS's, such as Windows or Linux.



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Linux is one of the greatest gaming platforms ever invented! There are literally thousands of titles. Here is a short listing of just some of the games availible for linux.


* Extreme Man Page Reading

* Obscure error puzzle palace

* Mega Nmap Death Ping

* Ksolitaire

* sudo


* Learning Emacs

* Learning vi

* CPU Benchmark: Kernel Compile

* KDE-GNOME Flame war

* Extreme Code Compiler v2

* Super Slashdot Flamewars v1.0

* eject

* eject -t

* eject ; eject -t

* init 0

* init 6

* dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda bs=4096

* There is also a hidden game called super-rm-rf. To use it, try this in your terminal:


~$ su root -c "rm -Rf /"


This game is the best, but unfortunately you can only play it once, as you will need to reinstall Linux to play again.


Here is a screen shot from the hit game make install.


ubergamer@comp:~$ make install
Cannot find file please install file.
ubergamer@comp:~$ sudo apt-get install file
ubergamer@comp:~$ make install
Cannot find other file please install other file.
ubergamer@comp:~$ sudo apt-get install other file
ubergamer@comp:~$ make install
Cannot find other other file please install.
ubergamer@comp:~$ ...
bash: ...: command not found
ubergamer@comp:~$ kolf


:P:hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

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Seriously, that is the funniest website on the interweb. I wanna meet the creators/writers of uncyclopedia and smoke a hookah with them.


The Napoleon Dynamite page is hilarious.




Sorry I had to!


Hot Topic's Irony


Hot Topic, or better now known as G-Mart, is a store intended for individuals who wish to be individuals and stay away from mainstream products. By shopping at Hot Topic, however, these individuals become mainstream themselves.

G-Mart creates an irony of such great magnitude that it could create a supermassive black hole at any second, which would destroy everything in the universe minus Wesley Snipes, Santa, Jesus, God, Jack Skellington, the Grue, Anti-Grue, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Terry Tate, and Dethklok. The whole band. Even Pickles. Especially Pickles. In fact, the universe's destruction would create two clones of Pickles. Because that's how awesome he is. And the state of Louisiana. Of course.

Why a {censored}hole like Louisiana wouldn't be destroyed has puzzled scientists for centuries.


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so much better than wikipedia.....lol :P


Bill Gates discovers that women, unlike computers, do not accept 3.5" floppies.


Also, keep in mind that Bill Gates was, as of 2006, declared to be officially richer than God. As a matter of fact, from the moment that you started reading this article up to now, Bill Gates has become exactly USD$ 2,343,645.55 richer than God; that means he has hired another 100,034,090 rent boys.


Bill Gates wrote his autobiography, "Things I Can't Buy" in 2000. The book currently holds the record for world's shortest book, and it reached number one on the book charts and stubbornly refused to move, even after heartfelt talks with its mother and an offer of a healthy retirement sum. It is reported that the book's popularity was mainly due to Bill Gates himself buying out every copy as it was printed.
“The Internet is not compatible with Internet Explorer.”


~ Bill Gates on the internet.




Bill and his clone Melinda

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