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Free online backup for Mac OS X

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Mozy is a simple, smart and economic way to protect your data. You simply install it on your PC, set it up and then never worry about data loss again.


Specifically, Mozy:


* Is simple to set up

* Performs backups automatically in the background

* Encrypts all files on your PC before transfer

* Performs incremental backups

* Backs up only blocks that have changed

* Backs up open/locked files


I just started using Mozy, and I am amazed as to how fast it runs. I am about halfway done backing up my aperture library and have a few other personal files to go. While the Mac Mozy software is in beta right now, it is very stable and easy to set up, and it doesnt stand out or is hard to use. Also Mozy also offers a cool refferal system so you can slowly raise your 2 GB limit higher for free just for reffering others to sign up.


You can grab a free 2GB account and help me add more GB's to my account by clicking here. Enjoy your free .Mac backup alternative.

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It doesn't seem to be "free"...


edit: I really think you should actually edit your post because you are taking advantage of the referral system. You are basically tricking the users to click this link, hoping they would get something free, when they don't but YOU get the extended space.



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You should put referral links in the referral thread.




Its nice to tell people about this and all but this is OLD NEWS. The referral link has been in your sig as long as I can remember. Accept it or not, this thread is just another way to get more MBs of storage although it does also help the person who is signing up.


I'm curious, how much space have you earned using referrals? Must be a lot for you to be able to back up an entire Aperture library.

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