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Booting xp on external from MacBook (intel)


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Hi. I successfully used bootcamp to install NTFS Windows XP partition on my iMac (early 2006) HD. I then used CopycatX to clone my iMac HD to my Western Digital dual boot exteral - it allows both USB 2 and firewire connection. I can choose the external cloned windo as a start up, but it really only boots up the Windows on my HD, and the clone windows is not modified.


Is there anyway to use the WD external as a windows startup drive - especially by hooking it up to my MacBook and making it portable?


The rEFIt program I installed says that the external has "no legacy" os drivers. One would think that in principle if I can use the iMac to boot from the external, I ought to be able to use the MacBook to boot from the very same external partition. Is there some way of repairing the external partition or fixing it to work with the MacBook, without having to do a full windows installation on the MacBook?


Thanks in advance



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