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AMD kernel killed my Intel Chip?

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Just finished building my new intel system and booted off my old hard disk into osx86, i got a kernel panic because the old hard disk had osx86 set up 

for an AMD system, so i hit reset and now my computer wont power on! could

osx have tried to run AMD specific instructions on the new chip and fried it,

i think the mainboards ok because the "im recieving power" light on the board itself

is still on?


the chips in question--

the had drive had osx86 setup for a amd 3200+ s939


the new "broken" computer

intel 6420 s775 on a p5w-dh


i havent got a different s775 chip to test arrgh!!

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If running invalid instructions were enough to fry a processor, computer viruses sure would be a lot worse! Now if you somehow managed to get an Intel chip to fit on an AMD motherboard...then it's probably fried. Try clearing the CMOS. Most motherboards have a jumper somewhere that either connecting or disconnecting the pins will clear it (it depends on the board). Make sure the computer is turned off when you do this (unplug it to be sure).

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Great, well thats a relief to hear, at least i can rule that one out. ive cleared the cmos and very occasionally it powers up but with no video, i guess its either a dodgy mainboard or a faulty PSU?


Anyway, thanks for your help

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