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blinking cursor after 10.48 install?


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I've installed 10.48 Jas at least 6 times in the past two days, after EVERY install, upon reboot all I get is a blinking cursor. It refuses to even begin to boot.

I've erased the drive at the beginning of every install.

I've checked and re-checked the custom install options, to no avail.

Thing is, I can and have (3 times), reinstalled 10.46 with no problems whatsoever.

Any ideas?

Thanks :angel:




ok, I've tried repairing permissions and repairing disk, it stated that there were no problems with the disk and fixed a couple permissions.

If I reboot to the cd without hitting the F8 key or any other key it will boot to this error:

"System Config File /com.apple.Boot.plist not found"

Any help?

Thanks :)




I searched the forum and it seems that not only is it a common problem with the Jas 10.48, but it appears as if no one knows how to fix it.

I'll wait for the 10.49 torrent to show up.

Thanks ;)


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OK I found a workaround!

Use the disk utility from the 10.46 install DVD, quit installation, then proceed with the 10.48 install DVD.

It was something Jas stated here that got me thinking:


"Yes, you need to use disk utility on the install dvd to partition the drive,then install os x.There is a bug with disk utility that if you pick the erase option it will erase your partition as GUID, but partitioning the drive will use MBR and the system will boot.Good luck "


I hope this helps someone.



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