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Building an OSx86 Desktop...

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I tried OSx86 on a Dell C840 and it worked, but not good graphics acceleration, and some problems with the build it in NIC. I got it to worka t the end. I am also experimenting with an ASUS M2N Deluxe, but the NIC won't work too...


I want to build a PC MAC with a space AMD AM2 X2 3800+ that I have, so I want to ask what is the best motherboard, and graphics card that will give me the full working on the the graphics card andany built in sound or NICS. Is there an ultimate hardware config that will make this MAC PC just like a mac with compatibility and everything working! SOmething that I cna play a MAC game on with all the 3d HW acceleration?


Also, I have this question, MAC pro desktops use Mvidia and aTI cards int heir system, how come we still have to use Macvidia or titan for drivers for thos cards, should the support be already built in?


Thanks for any help or guidance.

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Are you sure you want to go AMD ?

A C2D is cheap thosedays... and is gona get cheapper.


Have you checked the HCL 10.4.8 on the wiki (hardware compatibility list) about your AMD project ?


I guess that a C2D would be a safer choice for a hackintosh... but I might be wrong.

With an asus mobo like the P5W-DH for non hard overlockers, or a P5LD2-VM for non overclockers and m-ATX fanboys.


About Titan and Natit, don't complain, it's already great that we can have QE/CI/Ogl working !!

(I rember the days of GPU drivers struggling...). We are all waiting for drivers of ATI 2X00 and NV 8x00 series...

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