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DP965LT SATA Ports

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I tried to do a little searching before I decided to post this, but did not see a solution. If there is already one out there, I apologize for the post.


I have a DP965LT motherboard that I've been running Mac OS X on for some time now. The problem I have is that while my board has four SATA ports, Mac OS X only sees devices in SATA Ports 0 & 1, it does not see any devices in Ports 2 or 3.


I am using PATA for my DVD Burner, and that works fine. The two Hard Drives I have in Ports 0 and 1 show up and are in use right now, but the drives in Ports 2 and 3 do not show at all. In fact, SATA Port 2 is where my Windows XP Installation is, and I can boot from that fine, once I make the proper changes in the bios (changing from AHCI to IDE mode). Also Windows does see drives on all four ports, therefore I am convinced it's an issue in Mac OS X.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Thank you in advance.

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