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Floating Point Exception on AMD system


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I have a succesful installation on the system on my sig. But then again I wanted my AMD to feel the same joy by running MacOS-X. So here's the problem, every distribution except 10.4.1 (Developer's), kicks me out of the installation a long before Disk Utility with the following error:


launchd: Server 0 in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[98]: exited abnormally: Floating point exception


So I thought I'd install the distribution on another PC and transfer my IDE hard disk to my AMD. And so I did install JaS 10.4.8 + AMD Patches. After installing the hard disk to my AMD machine, I get on the grey Apple logo, then I'm thrown out again with similar error as above.


I've red somewhere that Maxxuss patch can fix that? But how?

Any ideas?

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