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Integrated ethernet detected but not working

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Hi !


I've just clean installed my second hackintosh (MSI i865PE) with the latest install disc avaible (10.4.9 uphuck v1.2).


It has an integrated Intel Pro1000CT etherned controler that is usually recognized OOB by OSX86.


The network tab show an "integrated ethernet" disabled (i can't enable it) and a "PCI slot ethernet controler" with the integrated ethernet' MAC adress wich can't get it's adress via DHCP. When the adress is set manually it can't ping other adresses on the LAN.


The integrated ethernet (inactive) is bound to en0 and the Intel chip (the real card) is bound to en1.


How to make the Intel network chip works and, optionally, how to bind it to en0 and remove the ghost ethernet interface ?


I've reed something about ethernet aliasing a few weeks ago but can't find it again. Any hint or URL will be welcome.


Thanks a lot for your time and any help provided !

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