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IDE Disks read/write extremely slow...

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Hey guys,

I would definitely still consider myself a newbie and I have hopefully an easy question. I'm currently running Intel P4 3.2 ghz VIA P4m800 mobo with 2 gb of ram. I also have two IDE 7200 RPM hard disks. My startup is a Western Digital and my A/V drive is a seagate. I've been having some issues with my system running sluggish and I learned tonight through xBench that my disks are reading and writing extremely slow. I think I scored a 6 on the disk test. The rest of the system runs great but I don't know what to do about this. My OSX86 install is JaS 10.4.7. If anyone has any advice I could use it. It seems like I should upgrade to a SATA drive but I still think my IDE drives should be reading/writing at normal speeds. Thanks a lot.



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