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OK...Acer Laptop...Chances of being Hackintoshed?


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Ok, guys here goes...these are the specks of my trusty compadre...


CPU: Intel Core Duo T2300 @1.66GHz (Yonah)

Mobo: Intel i945GM Chipset

Memory: DDR2 1GB (2x512) PC4200

Video: Intel Integrated Graphics 945GM

Audio: RealtekHD Audio Drivers

HD: 120GB 5400RPM IDE

NIC: Broadcom Ehternet Drivers


Model: Acer 4672WLMi ( research it if you want :D )


Hoping to upgrade RAM to 2GB soon...


So let me know...is it crackable? And where do I get drivers to make it work?



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"Hackintoshed" ? That's a new one.

Just check the wiki for a hardware compatibility list. Believe it or not, we don't have magical psychic powers that can determine if your hardware will work or not. The best way to find it is to actually go and try to install for yourself.


..HACKINTOSH'D! :censored2:

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Ok..I think I will! Thanx!


The reason that the sound and ethernet was so vague was because i couldn't remember what brand they were...


I THINK the ethernet was Broadcom, as for the sound...oy! Damned if i could recall



Oh, and Colonel? That word is just for all you x86 gurus out there! BE FREE AND USE THE "HACKINTOSH!"


Thanx again!

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