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Removing Darwin bootloader/manager?

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Hi people.


Well, a few days ago, I sucssefully managed to install OS X onto my laptop. It runs very well, and has very fast boot times!

However, I am not lucky enough to have a supported wireless adapter (intel 3945ABG). The driver that is available for the card does not support any sort of wireless security, meaning I can not connect to my wireless network etc.

Also my creative sound card doesn't work :)


Anyways, I've had a bit of a play with the OS (which is all I really wanted to do anyway) and I am ready to remove it.

Before I go and delete the partition OS X is installed to, I would like to return to the windows XP boot loader/manager.

I have tried booting into recovery console and use "fixmbr" command. Needless to say that this had absolutely no impact whatsoever as to removing Darwin!


Can anyone please advise as to how I could go about this?


Thanks in advance


PS: I'd rather not screw up my windows install if at all possible - I have backed up all my files, but there is nothing more annoying than to have to reinstall all one's programs!

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Is there a way to (re)install the darwin bootloader without reformatting the whole hard drive? I have 10.4.8 installed on the fourth partition and has been booting with the install dvd so far. Any help is appreciated.


I have tried fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 but I got an error like "byte not aligned" or something like that. I have several partitions on the disk. Mainly for Win XP.

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