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Quadbooting?.... Help me!


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Alright, well I just ordered an HP dv9000t -- it comes installed with Vista. Id like to put on Mac OSX, XP, and Ubuntu


Vista I assume I will need to shrink the partition size and then just use gparted or knoppix to partition the rest? Will the order I install matter, as long as I can access GRUB.conf in the end?


Also with my laptop should i try to 10.4.8 or the 10.4.9 disc for MacOSX? And will i have to disable SATA support in BIOS before the install?



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You better clean your HDD and start installing older to newer OSs.



Better Use Acronis Disk Director with Acronis Os Selector activated after first installation.


example 1x160 Giga Drive


C:/35 Gig, WinXP primary,active NTFS XP installation

D:/35 Gig, WinVI Primary NTFS Vista installation

E:/35 Gig, OSXT Primary FAT32 Os X installation

F:/35 Gig, LINUX Primary whatever Linux installation

G:/20 Gig, SWAP Primary FAT32 SWAP storage comunication

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