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Hello Everyone!


I just registered on this forum because it seems like a pretty cool place and I want to get back into Mac (havent used one for a while)


I have always been a big fan of OSX, I had a G3(233mhz I beleive) and a G4(Dual 800 I think) and I loved them, but in the current day they don't cut it so I have been back to the PC world for a while.


I have been reading up on your forums and I think it's amazing some of the progress being made with getting the OS running on intels and all that, and I think this weekend I will make my next attempt at getting OSX running on my intel (actually AMD) but first I wanted to know your guy's opinions.


My specs

Processor: AMD X2 4600+ (yes it has SSE3 support)

Mobo: K9VGM-V (checked the hardware support list works fine but needs driveres for sound and ethernet, I should be able to figure this out or I will have to do some reading I guess)

Video Card : Gigabyte 7600GT 256 Silent PCI-E (HCL Says Titan 04/11 under FullWork / No Patch, I'm not sure what that means yet, but I think I can figure it out)

Ram: 2GHZ DDR2 667

Got a dual layer DVD burner, 2 SATA hard drives (300 and 250), one ata hard drive (80gigs but I just use it for my OS), Creative X-FI.


So heres my question, 1 the HCL says nothing about the X-Fi anyone have experience with it? Also anyone by chance tested the Dynex Firewire card?


My previous attempts at getting OSX to run on my old computer all failed, but it was an SSE2 computer and I didn't really know what I was doing.


I read that Final Cut HD works well now, that is going to be the main purpose of my return to mac (video editing) I was wondering if you have some experience with how well it works, and suggestions for a noob.


My other option is to buy a Mac Mini Core Duo 1.8, but I would prefer to save my money if possible :P, I wasnt sure where to put this but this forum looks good.


What do you all think are the chances it will run smoothly.


Thank you!

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