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ERROR: Kernel Panic on 10.4.8

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Hi guys, I have a problem, a kernel panic, in my Hackintosh OSX86.

I installed Callisto for QE/CI, with AGPGart and modified ATIRadeon9700ga.plugin. The result is... KERNEL PANIC!

I installed Callisto d008 and... all good for now. I modify ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin. OK, but no QE/CI, I asked it in OSX86 Spain (spanish-talk forum), and they answered I need to install AGPGart, I installed it, all good for now, but when I reboot my Hac... KERNEL PANIC!


AGPGart release is from InsanelyMac.com (64bit release, I have Sempron x64)

Callisto d008 is from omni's minisite.

I do my ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin, with the help of an OSX86Spain guide.


I'm on Windows Vista, Mac splash a Reboot Message... If I need to reinstall, i need to know anything for restore my "personal" folder, I have MSNMessenger, Toast 8, Camino, Fox, PList Editor Pro, Callisto... And personal neccesary documents (music, letters, photos...)


I have Ubuntu Feisty installed on my HDD.


Bye for now.

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