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Do I have to buy Logic? Even if I want to try it


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I thought there could be some topic discussing if the way how curiosity of software enthusiasts could gain the OS and applications popularity. The problematic Windows platform and the possibility to share knowledge and ask for help through forums gained to Win OS big popularity, bad or good. Not only because there were few alternatives for IBM PC platform made in user-friendly way. And i mean it with focus on hardware support for a vaste number of gadgets and hardware we are using everyday, like scanners, cameras, ecc. For me, an Apple computer was always some kind of snobbish thing, mentioned only for somebody who believes that ATI 9600 is an extraordinary fast graphic card. In times when there were ATI X1 series. So far, Mac OS X was mentioned to be the OS married with Apple´s brand hardware and Motorola. But, as i call myself a "musician" there was always some interrest in Apple´s products, but, hell, do i have to give 8000$ for ProTools system to make some quality records? And i even dislike the Digidesign ProTools sequencer interface. What probably everybody knows is that Mac has better audio support in OS than windows on PC. And I mean MIDI and audio timing and the care about audio subsystem in platform, not the quantity of Plug-ins and third party instruments. I think the code is far better written than any Redmonder can do. So in short - for me was Windows OS always something like six-wheels-steam-driven-restaurant-drivein-disco-gaming-console. And i always had to make a big number of compromises when I wanted to have a stable system. Choosing the right drivers, right hardware, service packs, etc. I bought some hardware which i thought could be always good for making music with windows, see below. But, let us play a little with this osx86 to see how it works. Got OSX86 and Logic express 7.2 the usual way. I own a RME Fireface 800 too. I can say - till now everything is ok. My friend, an audio engineer follows my tryout with big enthusiasm. And he really knows how much work is needed to make PC- XP DAW to work without problems. With good hardware. He told me, if I success in making my system work, i will have a dream system to make music. Think just about MIDI over LAN, and integrated virtual MIDI ports - integrated in system. When was Microsoft focused on things like that? So, to get finally to the point,

I had to use here several cracked applications and I´m violating the apple policy of software and hardware propriety. But what am I doing other than making good marketing for Apple by spreading the good word about Mac OS X and apple´s Logic program? Could Logic be so popular if there were no warez portals and so on? Who would give 1300$ for a try out? And who is so stupid to make money using warez. As a pro-musician, when I´m finished with testing, i will have to buy Logic Audio Pro to continue with my work. And if everything works ok, I´lm gonna do it with great pleasure....


.....Try before buy :P

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