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Problem with OSx86 (either Native or VMWare)


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Hey All!


I'm trying to install OSx86 as a triple boot on a ABIT SG80 Socket 775 Mobo, Intel Celeron D proccy. I've already got Vista and XP installed. But, no matter what I do (either VMWare OR a native boot off the install DVD) I get this error:


nfs_boot: Network is not initialized.






which throws the install into a kernel panic.


How do I get past this problem? I know I can - I got a PARTIALLY working install on this computer before, but that was without Vista being installed. By partially working, I mean I installed OSx86, but that was all I did, unfortunatly. The install wouldnt work AT ALL, so I deleted it. I've also tried mounting the disk image in Daemon Tools (JaS 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3 AMD PPF1) and nothing has worked yet.


Please help!!!

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