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Hard Drive Install Help Needed


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Here is the scoop... I have an external hard drive that i installed my dvd OS x86 10.4.4 version (so that i wouldn't have to lose all my data on my PC). With the install i set it to show all progress (my errors are below) and the following showed up:

:bless: unrecognized option `--bootefi'\n

:Usage: bless [options]\n

:bless: --help\n


:bless --folder directory [--bootinfo [file]] [--setBoot]\n

: [--openfolder directory] [--verbose]\n


:bless --mount directory [--setBoot][--verbose]\n


:bless --device device [--setBoot][--verbose]\n


:bless --info [directory] [--getBoot] [--plist] [--verose] [--version]\n


finalized install and optimized

The hard drive would not load... even after i went into the bios and set it to boot the external hard drive first... at this point it just froze on a blank screen on startup. Is it possible to successfully install and load Mac OS X86 on an external hard drive? Are there possibly any patches to make it work so that it will load.


my specs are:

Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ

2 GB Ram

80 GB Hard Drive (external)


thank you for your help

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