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watching a mov file in win xp made with imovie


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Hi, my daughter make home movie for the first time for her school using imovie 4 with her ibook g3.

she add music etc.. now we want to watch it in a windows pc because at school they have only windows , so we transfer the .mov file then try to open with quicktime, vlc player and windows media player but we cant.

With quicktime it said that it can not open it said;

the movie file "IMGP0922.dv" can not be found, Without this file, the movie can not play properly" and it gives the option to cancel or search, so we copy those .dv files and put them together in a folder with the .mov file and now we choose search and we locate the file but then it ask for another .dv file then it ask for mp3 files and it goes like asking for files until it just freezes my win pc.

What did she do wrong?, how come it is not just a .mov file instead of a .mov file + few .dv files and .mp3 files? and what she can do?


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