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Installation works - Booting NOT!


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Hello there,


I installed Mac OS X 10.4.8 on my:


CPU: Intel P4 3.2 GHZ Prescott Sockel 478

Board: Abit IC7-G

GPU: ATI All-In-Wonder X800GT

HDD: IDE Festplatte 60 GB


The Installation went well! But after the Installation the first boot didn't work well! It gave me a b0 error!


I tried the fdisk thingy already!

And I rly have NO idea how to get it work then =(

Is my hardware "compatible" ? Is there anything I missed to do?




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 -boot with mac osx 10.4.8

-and at prompt hit f8 when he tell you

-at the boot write  : rd = diskxsy ( x is number disk and y is number  partition ) 

and tell me result

 nb :exuse me with my poor english

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well it does not work with


rd = disk0s0 ;(


i deleted the whole disk and installed the system on the only existing partition.. what are the numbers??


1 and 1?


lol, system starts up now BUT ^^i dont see any GUI! only the start sound after first boot.. i just hear sound =( my screen shows only some undefinable things!


maybe videocard not supported?

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