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HELP! Sata / NTFS problems (Asus P5LD2-VM)

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So my 300gb NTFS formatted SATA drive was working alright... OSx86 would recognize it, and I could see what files were there, etc, but I couldn't copy files, so I installed MacFUSE & NTFS-3G. It worked for a bit, and I tranferred some files I needed over, but now things are messed up. I don't remember if I changed anything, but I don't think I did. Now system information and disk utility will see that there is a drive there, but when I try to mount it it doesn't go. (Though interestingly the log says it did mount successfully.)


What's going on? An ideas?


Ah! I figured out that the ntfs logfile is unclean.... Not having a windows machine handy, is there a way to clean it from within OSX?

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