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Rules fo` Mackin' :


Our goal is ensure that tha forum remains a friendly, helpful place ta hizzle out in all flavas. We wizzant you ta be able ta discuss anyth'n n everyth'n here? n ta do so we ask that you check out these guidizzles fo` forum use.


No Sippin'. This includes racism, threaten'n, personal attacks, victimizizzles or hateful content. No retalizzle is allowed eitha, if a memba has broken a rule, pleaze use tha report feature on tha forum n tha stizzaff wizzle deal wit tha situation appropriately cuz its a G thang.


No post'n of direct or indirect links ta warez or pirated pieces of software, this includes cracks, serials n torrents.


No frontin' of OS X files. Open source (like Darwin) shot calla n kexts is allowed (and encouraged!), but OS X files is not due ta copyright crazy up in here.


We can't allow discussion or instruction on spendin' tha TPM. It's fine ta rap `bout tha TPM n cracks that you may find, but tell'n someone how ta do it is W-R-to-tha-izzong . I thought i told ya, n***** I'm a soldier.


The advertis'n, comparizzle or off-topic discussion of sites similar ta Insanelizzles wiznill not be allowed . The staff will decide whiznat is n is not "advertis'n" based on tha content n spirit of tha pizzay . Wussup to all my n****** in the house. Helpful links is encouraged!


Pleaze don't makes inappropriate or "clutta" posts similar to:


"first post! "

"[name] sucks! "

"[-to-tha-izzos] fanboy "

These posts can cause flame wars ta break out to increase tha peace. Even if they don't, tizzle generally git on all of our nerves yaba daba dizzle.


Brotha 5 warn'n placed on yo account you wizzle be banned friznom access'n tha forum.


If it's sum-m sum-m severe enough, sizzay as inflammatory or racial content, we reserve tha right ta enforce restrictions on yo ability ta use this site, this includes sippin' tha ability ta posts or revok'n all access ta tha forum.


A ban means yo IP W-to-tha-izzill also be banned F-R-to-tha-izzom h******' tha website.


These rules hustla a broad spectrum n is set up ta preserve a free n open (and fun) place fo` discussion . Put ya m********** choppers up if ya feel this.. They, in conjunction wit common sense n good judgment, should b**** you in tha riznight direction. We're all human n we know that thugz makes mistakes... but that's also not an excuse. Mizzle rules is subject ta appear on this board as we see fizzy so pleaze chizzay B-to-tha-izzack frizzay time ta tizzle fo` yo own benefit.


Thanks fo` hatin' our community n help'n makes it tha B-to-tha-izzest it can be.


Strange, but nonetheless, quite interesting.

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