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Hi All. Please help me....

I have a internet connection over VPN and i wanna share it to other device in my network. Anyone know how to configure NAT to share VPN connection to Ethernet.


What i have.

eth0 - Connected to internet over VPN

eth1 - Connected to local network.


i need share VPN to eth1.... please heeeeeellllppppp!!!!



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Are you sure this is on macosx? Ethernet interfaces are usually en0, en1 etc aren't they? Anyways try this and let us know if it works:


- Open "System Preferences"

- Select "Sharing"

- Select the "Internet" tab

- Share your connection from: your vpn interface - this is a pull down menu. (I think it should be the vpn interface rather than eth0/en0 but you can check that.)

- To computers using: en1 (or eth1 if yours says that)

- click on the "Start" button


nice - it is all point and click ;)


Then on the other computers on your lan, get them to set the ip address of your hackintoshes eth1(en1) as their gateway (default route) address.


If it doesn't work, you might have to mess with the firewall settings in the "firewall" tab. Maybe stop the firewall for testing if it is started.


Good luck.



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